The Cohen Implication

Not guilty1

What a day yesterday was for the grand scale of the office of the President.  You know, I was certain that the biggest news of the day was certainly going to be the conviction of Paul Manafort.  After days of deliberation, Trump was starting to brag that this just showed the indecision, and what he saw as a likely acquittal was just more “proof” of a witchhunt.  Then the jury came back with “guilty” verdicts and….you know what, don’t care. Not the biggest news of the day!  It’s important, but I feel like it was only moments later that the big fish fell on deck: Michael Cohen, Fixer extraordinaire and Ex-Trump attorney, pled guilty to eight total counts, including five counts of tax evasion, one count of making a false statement to a financial institution, and another count of “willful cause of unlawful corporate contribution” — as well as a count of “excessive campaign contribution.” If you get the chance, I recommend reading the case file.  At 22 pages, it’s pretty illuminating, especially the parts that pertain to work Cohen did for “Individual-1”. Now, one would, rightly, assume that Individual-1 is Donald Trump.  I mean, if you’re looking for hints, there is a big one in that Individual-1 “had become President of the United States” according to paragraph 2.  But how Trump-like would it be for Trump to claim that Individual-1 could be anyone!  That the fact that he wasn’t addressed by name is absolute proof of his innocence! Witch hunt!

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