As the partial government shut down barrels into it’s third week, Trump continues to try and convince people that it’s a) not his fault and b) totally fine because if anyone can handle life without a paycheck, it’s those government employees.  They’re all swimming in dough! On Sunday, when asked if was able to relate to people who can’t pay their bills.  To which Trump, of course, said that he could.  Of course he could!  Of course Trump can relate to the common man and their money problems.  I mean, Trump himself is no stranger to money problems.  Remember that time in the early 1990’s when he was a missed payment away from losing his businesses?  I mean, he still got to live in his penthouse in New York, and had all the comforts of wealth, but goodness, the banks had to put him on a spending allowance!  I mean, that’s basically the same as not getting a paycheck, right?  He can totally relate to the people he’s selfishly screwing over in the name of a bad campaign promise!  And it’s okay, because everyone who is being screwed is totally fine with it because they all care more about a wall that will do little to stem illegal immigration than being able to pay rent and for utilities!

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