Placing Blame

placing blame1

There was a point when I was scrolling through news stories the other day, where there were 3 stories in a row of Donald Trump blaming the Democrats for something.  Some of those claims made zero sense.  I’m pretty sure the Stock Market isn’t cowering because it’s concerned that the Democrats are going to pick on Trump.  That’s just not the reason that the bottom line drops 600 points.  But it really reflects the sensibilities that Trump is ingraining into himself.  We saw him do it with the media since the days of his campaign, to where it became a kneejerk reaction to blame the media for any problem facing his administration.  Now it’s the Democrats, the party of crime, who seek to aid the invasion of our country with immigrants and destroy the stock market.  Because that who the man is.  It’s the man he was 30 years ago when he was committing tax fraud with his dad, and it’s the man he’ll be when New York is refusing to give him property for his Presidential Museum (can you even imagine what that is going to look like?)

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