national apology1

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court was problematic, and left a bad taste in a lot of mouths.  Christine Blasey Ford has been dragged through the mud in the name of pushing through a temperamental partisan Republican mouthpiece, who even if he was innocent, proved by his behavior and his blatant lies that he was unfit to sit on the bench of the highest court of the land.  So of course, leave it to Donald Trump to continue to mean spiritedly rub salt in the wound.  Because of course he couldn’t just let it happen.  He had to make a big show of the swearing in, and then, on behalf of the country, apologize for the treatment of Kavanaugh.  I’m sorry, but he certainly doesn’t speak for me in that apology.  And I would argue that he doesn’t speak for most Americans.  Indeed, I’m pretty sure most Americans who have been paying attention don’t think he was treated harshly enough for his infantile behavior.  The softball investigation by the FBI, with it’s overly limited scope was an embarrassment and a total miscarriage of justice.  So no, Don.  You don’t speak on behalf of America.  And seeing as you don’t apologize for anything in general, I don’t know that you were speaking on behalf of anyone.

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