No Shows

no shows1

So, the 2 funniest stories of last week feel oddly connected.  First, we have Trump hosting a White House dinner for College Football Champs, the Clemson Tigers, and feeding them fast food, which…I mean there is just no way that wasn’t going to turn into a big national joke.  Then the very next day, you have news coming out that Trump tried to circumvent Nancy Pelosi by inviting House Democrats to lunch, but like the weird kid in class throwing a birthday party, no one showed up.  Now, the obvious reason behind that is that the Dems are making a show of solidarity, and the fact is that what Trump wants is unreasonable, and no one wants to give it to him.  But a part of me wants to believe that no one showed up because they didn’t want Trump feeding them leftover Big Macs and Whoppers.  Best case scenario, Trump orders an entirely new batch of fast food.  I know he says it’s because he doesn’t have a kitchen staff during the shutdown, but let’s be real:  It’s no great secret that Trump loves him some fast food.  He must love that he has any kind of excuse to mow down on that greasy, artery clogging goodness.

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