Keep America Great!

SUN Keep America Great1

Donald Trump is shifting strategies for the midterm elections.  He wants all the people of the country to know that he has, in fact, made America great again.  Half way into his first term, it’s mission accomplished.  America is great again!  As proof, he points to a constantly shifting, but strong economy, a bizarre, less than transparent new relationship with North Korea, trade wars and black unemployment.  Other than the trade wars and tariffs which are worrying a great many Americans and our ill defined relationship with North Korea, it’s hard to really point to any of his contentions as being Trump’s doing.  And yet, it’s apparently those very things that was keeping America from being great…again…or something. Something I can point to, that Trump is DEFINITELY responsible for, is that people seem more scared and divided than ever.  Bigots feel more empowered to voice their destructive opinions and behaviors, and the political divide is wider than ever.  The rich are getting massively more rich, and our country’s debt and deficit are crawling toward unprecedented highs.  Are all those also apart of America’s newfound greatness?  Because all things considered, it doesn’t feel that great…

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