Displaying Sensitivity

Black History Month1

I’m not gonna lie, I watched Donald Trump’s Black History Month speech with a hint of both trepidation and excitement that he would manage to unwittingly say unapologetically tone deaf and/or racist.  Fortunately (for him), he stuck to whatever script he was given.  He didn’t meander or go of the rails on a tangent.  He did bring up Black Unemployment again, which is a statement that is, at best, context sensitive, but he avoided a lot of his natural urges to campaign (mostly) and avoided basically all hot button topics.  In retrospect, it was boring.  On a slow news day, it’s always a bummer when Trump doesn’t speak his mind and give us all a little dose of the crazy.  That sounds self destructive, but that sounds about right when the whole country seems to be losing it’s mind.

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