Direct Answers


If there is one thing I’ve learned that one should never do in politics, is fail to give a direct answer to a question that could make you look guilty.  I initially learned the lesson when Rex Tillerson refused to say that he called Trump a moron by dancing around the question.  When you fail to actually say you didn’t do something, there WILL be a significant group of people who will ask if that means you did do it.  Donald Trump didn’t learn that lesson as shown last weekend, when Jeanine Pirro asked if he was a Russian agent.  Instead of just saying “No” or “of course now”, he went with the dance, suggesting that the question was offensive.  Especially considering the recent reports that suggest there is a good reason to believe that Trump may be hiding a lot in regards to his relationship to Putin.  It’s worrying to hear that he’s been hiding the transcripts of his interactions with the despot, and it doesn’t do anyone any good for Trump to drop the “offended” card, which is weird given his and his supporters penchant for making fun of people for taking any kind of offense.

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