Declaring Emergencies

Declaring emergency1

Donald Trump declared a National Emergency in an attempt to bypass Congress to get funding for his utterly pointless, needlessly divisive border wall.  Now some people are concerned that Trump may set a bad precedent for making such declarations to get what he wants.  I think whether that is true or not will ultimately depend on how successful his little run around is.  And it might be successful.  There does appear to be several avenues to challenge this decision.  Already we’re seeing various states and civil liberties organizations turning to the courts to put a kibosh on this nonsense.  The Pentagon itself may be able to refuse the allocate the funding.  And there is definitely a contingent on both sides of Congress getting ready to battle this out.  But even with this assault on multiple fronts, Trump might still end up the victor.  And if he does…well I think we should all be concerned for what the means for future “National Emergencies”.


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