Above the Law

Emperor Trump1

So, is Donald Trump just abandoning all pretense that he needs to play fair with the law?  I mean, he just announced to the whole world that could absolutely pardon himself should it come to that, saying that on the same day that Sarah Huckabee Sanders comes out and says that “don’t worry, the President doesn’t consider himself above the law.”  He may not consider himself above it, but he certainly seems to think he stands apart from it.  It’s a bit super-villainy when he starts talking about his pardoning power being his “absolute right”.  The scary thing is, it’s not a black and white issue.  He could be totally wrong, but he could unfortunately be absolutely correct as well.  So here we wait with baited breath, wondering what happens next with President who wants us to be fully aware that he could kill someone and get away with it.  Just something to think about.

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