When Is A Cage Not A Cage?


Man.  Kirstjen Nielsen kind of totally sucks.  As the Secretary of Homeland Security, she’s been more than complicit in the abhorrent actions taken by ICE, such as the border family separations and the blatant racial profiling and bullying of American citizens they suspect at first glance might not have a favorable legal status.  She’s been a vocal defender of the policies, policies she claims are necessary, but are frankly inhumane.  These draconian policies are the kind we balk at in disbelief when we’re told the US used to do them during World War 2, when the victims were Japanese.  Now we’re validating the same policies on any potential immigrant from south of the border.  So to hear Kirstjen Nielsen try to explain how cages used to keep children separated from their parents are definitely not slightly bigger versions of dog cages is both disingenuous and disgusting.


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