Non Disclosure


Rumors started circulating a few months back that Donald Trump had made his West Wing staff sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) regarding their work and what they see and hear during their time in the White House.  Now, in business settings, NDAs are pretty common practice.  Companies have proprietary practices, programs and Tech, and in general lots of things they expect to not have to tell the general public.  But as it turns out, you can’t really do stuff like that for government work.  Other than stuff that is specifically designated as classified, the public nature and expectation of transparency in public work is paramount in democratic settings.  A few days ago, Kellyanne Conway confirmed that everyone in the West Wing was told to sign an NDA, and the question a lot of people were asking was “why?”  And not just because it seems sketchy, but because, as many experts have begun pointing out, they are virtually unenforceable.  NDAs are corporate instruments, and can’t be used to bar information that is legally available to the public.  Freedom of information is literally a law we have when it comes to the government.  I can only imagine what it is Trump doesn’t want people talking about.

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