Manufacturing Scandals

manufacturing harrassment1

You know, with the plot to smear Robert Mueller, I can practically hear wheels turning in the heads of the monsters trying to exploit the #MeToo movement in the grossest way possible.  In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, right wing operators seemed to have gotten an idea in their heads that creating a sexual assault scandal was as simple as paying people off.  They didn’t seem to realize that most people are, generally speaking, decent, and won’t want to accuse an innocent man of assault.   The two names you should know about in this plot are Jack Burkman ,a man with a reputation for conjuring right wing conspiracy theories, and Jacob Wohl, a young hedge fund manager/Donald Trump acolyte.  These two men allegedly engineered a scam to pay women to make up false sexual assault and harassment claims.  I don’t know that they were working in collusion, but the two women in question did forward their correspondence with the people who aimed to pay them off to the FBI.  Reporters, who essentially only needed to go as far as Google and LinkedIN, were able to trace these claims back to Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl, the two men I mentioned at the start, and, surprise surprise, these two men have been publicly claiming to have statements that would expose Robert Mueller as a sexual predator!  Weirdly, it seems like neither of them were actually able to produce the supposed victims though.  It’s a rough day when a bad plan falls apart.

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