False Advertising

false advertisement1

I’m getting increasingly more interested in the Texas senate race.  In a state that is redder than Mars, the sure fire victory that Ted Cruz would normally have…well it feels a little less certain.  Honestly, the odds are certainly in his favor, but Beto O’Rourke is really making a name for himself as an up and comer in the Democrat scene.  Even Ted Cruz’s attempts to discredit O’Rourke may have only ended up making him look more awesome, and now, Cruz is being called out for underhanded donation solicitation.  Listen, I understand that campaigning can be kind of a dirty business.  Campaign flyers and junk mail irritates everyone, and if you want people to read your junker, than sometimes you have to think creatively.  But there is a firm difference between being creative and being overtly deceptive.  Take Ted Cruz’s latest mailer, which is more than just deceptive, it might be straight up illegal in Texas to do.  You see, Ted Cruz’s campaign sent out a letter disguised as an official looking Summons in order to drum up donations.  It even continues that deception in the letter asking for money.  Now while some might argue that this is harmless, that no reasonable person would take this seriously, it’s worth pointing out that the reason this came to public attention was because a mailer was sent to man’s recently passed grandmother, who was suffering mental decline.  Were she to come across this letter, he reasoned, she would have thought this was some kind of bill as opposed to deceptive solicitation.  And honestly, if this kind of thing becomes okay, what becomes the next tricky maneuver to get people to donate?

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