Ethics In Journalism

Ethics in Journalism1

Here’s the thing about Hannity and Cohen:  I’m having trouble getting too upset about it.  Sure, it’s weird that Hannity would use Cohen, considering what his “legal” expertise and practice was used for, and I’d be willing to bet Hannity has some things he’d rather not have disclosed publically, but I really just don’t care much in terms of the ethics of it.  Both because I don’t think much of Sean Hannity’s ethics anyway, but also because I can’t apply journalistic standards of ethics to Hannity, as I don’t consider him a journalist.  I don’t think many people do.  He’s a TV personality that occasionally brings up things in the news, but he doesn’t report things.  He editorializes and gives a narrative about it.  Usually a scumbaggy narrative that involves slander and defamation.  Regardless, it would be like if Jon Stewart and Barack Obama had the same personal attorney when Obama was in office.  Sure, some conservatives would probably wanna cry about it, but as Steward himself has said time and again, he’s an entertainer, not a journalist.

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