Clear Conscience

lie detector1

That New York Times Op-Ed from an unnamed staffer from inside the White House undoubtedly riled up everyone across the administration.  We all saw Donald Trump publicly melt down over the piece within minutes of it’s debut.  But I would imagine it wasn’t smooth sailing in the West Wing for anyone.  With the anonymous source in the wind, trust was likely shaken between co-workers, and with an already notoriously catty, chaotic West Wing.  A weird amount of speculation has fallen on Mike Pence and his office as the source of the Op-Ed, based on some word choices in the article.  Of course Mike Pence vehemently denies involvement, and for what it’s worth, I don’t believe he was.  But identifying the “traitor” (or patriot, depending on your personal context) is clearly a high priority for Trump.  He’s pushed his Attorney General to open investigation, and rumor came out that lie detector tests were perhaps on the table.  Mike Pence, the stalwart tall drink of water of course jumped at the chance to prove his innocence.  Take a polygraph test?  No problem!  Of course, when I watch Pence offer to take a polygraph, I have no doubt he’d pass it even if he WAS responsible for the article.  I don’t know that has emotional reactions, feels fear or…you know…has a pulse.

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