Breaking Point

breaking point1

Listen, Donald Trump supporters are a loyal bunch.  For the most part, I can think of few things that will get them to even question Trump’s judgment.  If Robert Mueller uncovers that Trump swore allegiance to Russia in an official ceremony, his supporters would find a way to suggest that it was the most patriotic thing that any president has ever done ever.  He can do no wrong in their eyes, even when the things he does are empirically wrong.  The same people who were chanting for Bill Clinton to be impeached almost 30 years ago are suggesting that Trump’s more shady infidelity is less than.  All of the stuff that any other President would have been a traitor to our country for doing, is somehow excusable when done by an orange, rich toad.  It’s mind boggling.

But I have to say, if there is one thing that might get some Trump loyalists to turn their head is him legislating their firearms.  I know, even technically the NRA was on board for the bump stock ban, but I know that conservative gun enthusiasts are fans of their slippery slopes, and that had to raise a few hairs when Trump bypassed actual legislation and enacted a sweeping bump-stock ban.  The way I see it, if we start seeing cracks in that specific armor, this might be where we see them.

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