An Open Letter to Hackers

Open Letter1

Just follow me on this.  Even you conservative folks want to know what the report says, yeah?  I mean, if the report suggests that Trump is in the clear, or at the very least, suggests that he didn’t do any prosecutable offense, you’d want that clearly on the record, right?  Trump and his camp are suggesting that Mueller has completely vindicated him, so if that’s the case, let’s see his vindication!  Let’s see it loud and proud!  Because why would ANYONE HAVE ANY REASON TO HIDE THEIR INNOCENCE?!  Make no mistake, I am in no way SOLICITING HACKERS TO ILLEGALLY OBTAIN THE MUELLER REPORT.  Obviously that would be illegal, and I wouldn’t want anyone to get themselves into trouble (I mean, if you’re good enough to obtain the report, you’d probably be good enough to cover your tracks).  I mean, even the politicians are publicly saying that transparency here would be preferable, even though Mitch McConnell, who himself called for a full release of the report, blocked a bill that passed the House that would call for just that.

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