New Year, New Wins

victory of christmas1

For Donald Trump, it’s clear that victory is not what’s important.  You don’t need to win as long as you can create the appearance of winning.  Failing that, just declaring victory to a big enough crowd will do in a pinch.  It helps when the things you are “winning” are nebulous and ill defined.  Trump won by making America great again?  Well sure! I mean, he’s not getting his wall funding from either Mexico or Congress, the country is more divided than ever, the rest of the world thinks we’re a joke and/or cowards and our economy is in a nosedive, but I mean, there was a Tax bill.  That’s pretty great right?  The same goes for the “War on Christmas.”   I mean, it’s easy to win a war that isn’t actually happening.  Leave it to Trump to declare victory for a Holiday that 90% of the country celebrates in one form or another.  But I guess that’s what you have to do when you promised in your campaign that you’d keep stacking wins, only to have practically none when it came time to put rubber to the road.