Wardrobe Statements

melania focus1

Melania Trump has been floating around Africa for a few days, and during her time in Cairo, Egypt, she apparently told some reporters during an interview about her many great works, and suggested that people should focus on “what I do, not what I wear.”  And to that I would say…no.  Sorry, but what you do isn’t significant.  Your cyber bullying initiative mean literally nothing when your husband, who happens to be the president, also happens to be the biggest cyber bully in the actual world.  That’s not even hyperbole.  It’s an actual fact.  Even her tour of Africa isn’t about the things SHE is doing.  The U.S Agency for International Development, who she is there representing, does their work absent her, and has been since before she was in the White House.  Her role is to be a face, which means what she  chooses to wear is arguably one of the most important factors of her visit.  And when she makes questionable wardrobe choices that no one on her undoubtedly substantial publicity team calls her on, then guess what? We’re both focusing on what you’re wearing, and what you’re doing, because a big part of what you’re doing is what you’re wearing.  When you wear a jacket that says “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” on the back, while visiting a bunch of detained children who have been separated from their parents, that becomes more important than your non-important cyber bully project.  Sad but true.