Rest and Relaxation

No rest1

Trump isn’t feeling the love in England right now.  In fact, according to him, he downright feels unwelcome there.  Who would have figured that?  But as it turns out, even Trump can take a hint if you throw enough protestors and a literal blimp of him as a giant whining baby at him.  Overall, it was a pretty rough weekend for Trump, with the hacker indictments directly mentioning him as inciting the DNC hack, dog whistling White Supremacists across Europe, and just tons of uncomfortable encounters with leadership, and I expect he was planning of things slowing down once he arrived at his resort in Scotland.  After all, the people of Scotland totally love Trump, right?

Well Loved

well loved1

So, the more I parse through his interview with man/gerbil hybrid Piers Morgan, the funnier things get. Amongst many things, he claims to be very popular in the UK.  He says he just gets so much fan mail from the UK!  He doesn’t seem to remember that politicians have officially tried to ban his entry from London and England in general, and that the protests that have been threatened have made some of our look quaint by comparison.  Not to mention that as someone who personally enjoys a fair amount of British media, I don’t think I’ve ever read or seen anyone from that side of the pond make a positive case for Donald Trump, which is me being kind.  But, maybe Trump knows something I don’t.