Never Forget

Never Forget1

The internet is having a field day with the prospect of Donald Trump campaigning for Ted Cruz.  After all, their rhetoric during the 2016 election wasn’t EXACTLY friendly.  In fact, Donald Trump dubbed Cruz “Lyin’ Ted” and accused him of doing nothing for Texas and his father of conspiring to kill JFK which…I mean HOLY HELL! How does someone get away with that. Trump also attacked Cruz’s wife, his politics, and his heritage.  I mean, you don’t see that level of mudslinging at someone in the opposing party much less someone who is technically on your side!  So when Trump announced he was going to stump for the guy in the biggest stadium “they could find”, the internet took Trump to task about the terrible things he’s said about the guy.  Let’s face it, it’s hypocritical to go to bat for a guy who said was a terrible senator who did nothing for his state.  The question is whether Trump will be able to escape that past when campaigning.  And maybe he will. It’s not like there’s going to be a big billboard with his Tweet sitting outside of Kyle Stadium, right?  Right?

Hurricane Preparations

Hurricane Plans1

For those who are actually affected by Hurricane Irma, be safe.  You are all braver people than I.