Good News

Good Day1

Friday really should have been a slam dunk day for Trump and co.  He got to welcome home 3 freed prisoners from North Korea, and for even the most disliked of Presidents, and event like that is a banner day.  You shake some hands, say welcome home, and the evening’s headline is at the very least positive, if not glowing.  But Trump’s people have to defy expectation.  They can’t have a normal day.  So instead, his staff has to leak that a random staffer at the White House was being glib about the health of John McCain.  Again, we are reminded that Trump hires the best people.


Trump’s Fiery Vengeance

Sales Boost1

So, Trump’s epic, scheduled, Twitter blowup session was as entertaining and kind of horrific as usual.  It’s like that car crash you can’t look away from.  On one end, his ability to just say slanderous things about James Comey unimpeded is sad, and isn’t right.  On the other hand, I think he might have just been the very best promotion for Comey’s upcoming book release, which was the target of Trump’s ire on Sunday.  Interest in Comey’s book seems to have skyrocketed, from most people not knowing the book even really existed to every one and their mother curious about what he might say about his time working with Trump.  I can’t speak to how Trump will effect Comey’s credibility, but he’s certainly helping to line Comey’s pockets.

Paul Ryan’s Send Off

sinking ship1

So Paul Ryan is retiring.  Well, more specifically, he’s not seeking re-election, which is basically the same thing.  He talks a big game about wanting to settle down, raise his kids, and just move forward knowing he’s accomplished the things he’s want to accomplish, which was apparently to screw over just as many old and poor people as he possibly could.  But it’s hard to not to see it as a well time escape.  A jumping ship move, or to quote Douglas Adams, “So long and thanks for all the fish!”.  It’s hard to argue that the Republicans aren’t in something of a politically turbulent time right now, and how that’s going to shake out in the coming weeks and months must be on the forefront of Ryan’s mind.  I wonder if he’ll be getting out soon enough?

Thanks Obama!

Obama's fault1

In another example of ThaTrump either not realizing how long of memory Twitter has, or just not remembering he had a previous heated opinion on a matter, Trump, among his series of weekend, Fire Side Twitter Rants, blamed Obama for not attacking Syria and taking Assad out.  Of course, he completely forgot the Tweet he sent out in 2013, in all caps, in which he begged Obama not to attack Syria, saying it would be the worst thing he could possibly do.  At the same time, I know that Trump will never, ever address this apparent disparity in opinions.  We won’t get to see an entertaining dance explaining away why his opinions don’t clash. He’ll just pretend the disparity doesn’t exist.

Discourse: The NRA Way

The Face of the NRA1

When it comes to news, on any given story, I have this habit of trying to read multiple sources to try and get a clearer picture of how things may have happened.  Because it’s easy enough to make small gaffes or misspoken moments into bigger issues than they actually are.  And as someone whose job it is to exaggerate things for comedic effect, I’d start from as neutral a place as I can.  I say all that to talk about Ted Nugent.  I saw several headlines over the weekend talking about Ted, known Gun advocate, and board member of the NRA.  Now, he can be a bit…out there, but when it was suggested by headlines that he openly advocated for out and out shooting people, I thought to myself “well, obviously there is some context missing here.  Then I listened to the clip and read the quote word for word and…yeah, no, he just told people to shoot liberals, democrats and half of the government.  Seriously. “Don’t ask why. Just know that evil, dishonesty, and scam artists have always been around and that right now they’re liberal, they’re Democrat, they’re RINOs, they’re Hollywood, they’re fake news, they’re media, they’re academia, and they’re half of our government, at least, so come to that realization. There are rabid coyotes running around. You don’t wait till you see one to go get your gun. Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one.”  Those are his words.  One could reasonable call that an incitement to violence.

Surprise Promotion

Surprise Promotion1

So, there had been some rumbling around the newsblogs about David Shulkin, VA Secretary, getting ousted from his position.  It didn’t seem too out of the blue.  I mean, honestly, at this point, no one getting canned is.  When your Secretary of State gets put on the chopping block, no position seems safe.  But the person that Trump is nominating to replace him feels kind of interesting.  Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, on the face of it, might not seem like such a weird choice. But considering how disingenuous RA Jackson’s medical diagnosis of Trump was earlier in the year was…well I can’t be the only one making the connection between his sweet new gig.  Am I saying Trump is paying Jackson off with a promotion?  No.  But it makes for a good joke.

Footing the Bill

Military Wall1

The Border Wall might be concept I want to just go away the most.  It’s an entirely pointless, useless construct that will do almost nothing to curb undocumented immigration, because as anyone with a cursory understanding of the subject will tell you, the VAST majority of people here illegally didn’t cross the border in the dead of night, they came over perfectly legally and didn’t leave when they were supposed to.  If built, it’s a symbol of our dedication to Security Theater, or providing the visual appearance of impressive security, but lacking any real teeth to do the job.  Of course the big selling point Trump originally had was that Mexico would in fact be paying for this massively expensive project.  Mexico in laughed in Trump’s face, and now keeps trying to weasel the US and it’s citizens into paying for it.  Now he wants the military to pay for it.  Not only that, but he thinks having the Military build the damn thing falls well within the purview of national defense.  I think any normal person would feel that nagging sensation of embarrassment and shame creeping over them.  I have to give it to Trump that he seems unable to feel shame for anything.

Space Force 2: The Pipe Dream

Space Force no more1

So General John Hyten, of course, told the Senate Armed Forces Committee that we aren’t doing a Space Military.  I mean, he was a bit nicer about it then I would have been.  Namely in him not mentioning that the tech to have some kind of military presence in space is non-existent, and that Star Wars, Star Trek, and Buck Rogers all either take place in galaxies far, far away or in the far future.  But the general diplomatically said that it just wasn’t the time, that the military has more taxing concerns in front of it and that maybe in the future it would be a possibility (bless him and his optimism).

Lawyer Limbo

lawyer search1

So Trump’s legal team seem to be imploding on themselves, and Trump is trying his level best to assure people that it’s not an ill omen of trouble ahead.  First, Trump’s lead lawyer, John Dowd, resigns, because Trump can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth.  But Trump then tried to bring on Joseph diGenova and his wife, both who are essentially Deep State conspiracy theorists on as new council, only for them to suddenly say “peace out” to that invitation.  Of course, Trump couldn’t bear to let people think he’s treading water, that things are looking morose.  He wanted to assure people that he was having no trouble finding good lawyers, that people are chomping at the bit to help him prove his “innocence”.

A Stormy and a Hard Place

Rock and a Hard Place1

I don’t actually know that if Trump’s porn star affair gets validated that anything substantial will actually happen.  I don’t expect it would honestly change anyone’s mind about the man one way or the other.  I’m 100% sure it will ultimately lead to nothing….yet at the same time, I just want to see it run it’s course.  I mean, it’s a fascinating story, and the fact that some poor lawyer had to get a home equity loan to pay off this porn star, ultimately to be stiffed by his boss is just amazing to me, and now there is this 60 Minutes interview that the White House is trying to kill, and by god, at this point, I just want to hear the story!  And regardless of what happens if the story finally breaks, the fact that Trump can’t run away from this story fast enough is somewhat gratifying as well.