A Bigly Endorsement


Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for his Senate bid…and I have to wonder how Romney feels about that.  I can’t imagine that Trump has suddenly become self aware, and I think he genuinely thinks that he’s maybe helping Romney.  But it’s still odd, considering how often and how fervently Romney has spoken out against Trump and his policies.  But back to Romney, I wonder if he’s going to distance himself from that endorsement or run with it.  I know he officially thanked Trump, but even in his thank you, it seemed like he was quick to pivot back away from him.  So who knows?  It will be interesting to watch though.


North Korea’s Cunning Charade

North Korean Plan1

North Korea has really been using the Winter Olympics as a good stage to show a softer, gentler side of fascism.  Their propaganda department has been doing an expert job of getting Kim Yo-Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, some favorable spotlight, with some really well staged opportunities in South Korea.  I know that this is part of a careful, and calculated plot to gain more favorable relations with the countries sanctioning the heck out of them right now, but I kind of humorously imagine that this might rankle Un a little bit, that his little sister is so much more well like than he is.

Nothing Burger

Nothing Burger1

So a fun political buzzword we keep hearing lately is “Nothing Burger.”  I mean, It’s a term that’s been around for like 70 years, but in the age of “fake news” and non-stop information flooding every aspect of our existence, parsing the things that have real significance from the things that don’t is tangible problem. Take the infamous memo released this weekend.  While Trump claims it completely vindicates him, eagle eyed viewers would recognize that it’s mostly just an accusatory document attacking the quality of evidence used to secure a surveillance warrant.  In political terms, it can, and probably should be argued that it is the dictionary definition of a Nothing Burger.  While I don’t think the Republicans are the only people in government utilizing the concept, they are certainly turning it into an art.

The Totally Unsuspicious Resignation of Andrew McCabe

McCabe leaving1

Trump has successfully bullied another person out their position.  Andrew McCabe can’t handle the craziness anymore, and I don’t know that anyone can blame him.  But it’s really becoming scarier to realize that people who are brave enough to not have any honest allegiances to Trump are becoming de-legitimized, disenfranchised or forced out.  Trump supporters keep saying how over the top liberals concerned with Trump’s draconian dictatorial methods are being, but is it only going to be ok to say I told you so when he’s finally named himself emperor of the US?  Will it be ok even then?

The Price of Frugality

fridge replacement1

Trump has allocated $24 million to Boeing to upgrade the refrigerators on Air Force One.  Yes. $24 million to update refrigerators.  Because when it comes to Air Force One, an upgrade like that can’t be standard.  It’s ridiculous, and flies in the face of all the complaining Trump liked to do when he would slam Obama for wasteful spending.  Trump claimed back on the campaign trail that he wouldn’t even use Air Force One if elected because of the out of control spending that thing takes up.  I guess one changes their mind when the shoe is on the other foot.

The President Couldn’t Be Anymore Clear!

Clear intentions1

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims that if the Senators don’t know what the President wants in terms of a deal, then it’s on them for not paying close enough attention.  By all indications, the President of the United States has the temperament of a two year old, but with less ability to reason.  We know that Schumer offered Trump basically everything he could have hoped for in a deal, and it still wasn’t enough, so honestly, the idea that people just couldn’t pick up what Trump was putting down seems at least a little far fetched.

The Definition of Climate Change

Climate Change1

So, over the weekend, Trump at this point pretty infamously tweeted about the weather, and his obvious confusion between that and climate change.  The distinction is one a kid in the 3rd grade can make, but apparently Trump, in his Ivy League schools, wasn’t taught that.

The Ire of Chris Christie

chris christie throwing shade1

Chris Christie is really going out of his way to distance himself from the Trump transition with his Deadline interview.  But most humorous is his obvious distaste for Jared Kushner.  The way he talks about him, saying he deserves the scrutiny leveled at him, makes me think Christie was bullied.

Victory of the Birther Movement

I’m just saying, maybe, MAYBE it’s not a great idea to mock someone with a joke that might go over their head.  No one wants for it to be taken the complete wrong way…

Trip to Hawaii1