Nomination Situation

Choose With Care1

With the amazing fiasco that was the Ronny Jackson nomination, the question of who Trump is going to nominate next is floating in the air.  Will he take some time to make a more deliberate decision as opposed to offering it as thanks for a questionable medical evaluation, or will he just offer it to the last guy he talked to?  I know more than a few news outlets are concerned that he’s basically just offering jobs to anyone who wants them, and that’s pretty clearly not the most effective way to ensure the best people are getting put into the right cabinet positions.  But don’t let that worry you, because Trump still wants you to know he only suggests the best people!

Surprise Promotion

Surprise Promotion1

So, there had been some rumbling around the newsblogs about David Shulkin, VA Secretary, getting ousted from his position.  It didn’t seem too out of the blue.  I mean, honestly, at this point, no one getting canned is.  When your Secretary of State gets put on the chopping block, no position seems safe.  But the person that Trump is nominating to replace him feels kind of interesting.  Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, on the face of it, might not seem like such a weird choice. But considering how disingenuous RA Jackson’s medical diagnosis of Trump was earlier in the year was…well I can’t be the only one making the connection between his sweet new gig.  Am I saying Trump is paying Jackson off with a promotion?  No.  But it makes for a good joke.