Redefining the Real

Real Tariffs1

I feel like it used to be that a Presidential interview would be kind of boring. I certainly never really felt the need to pour through Obama’s interviews when he was in office.  He tended to be consistent in his thinking.  Bush was mostly the same.  I never expected an interview with him to reveal any major bombshells.  But with Donald Trump, we’re now in the era where an interview with the President is going to be full of bizarre off the cuff remarks, backtracks, wild claims, blatant fabrications, and crazy amounts of mud slinging.  We’ve all seen Trump say a lot of crazy things.  We’ve all read his remarks, but one of the most puzzling for me to read was in his recent Wall Street Journal interview.  In it, Trump says, without any specific context, that he hasn’t implemented any tariffs.  Like…ANY tariffs… His actual words are “Where do we have tariffs? We don’t have tariffs anywhere.”  He then went on to say “We don’t even have tariffs. I’m using tariffs to negotiate.”  So we don’t have them…but we’re using them to negotiate?  And by the way, we do have Tariffs.  We have them on all imported aluminum, steel, solar panels, washing machines, and almost half a trillion dollars of imports from China.  I mean, is he going senile? Is he lying?  Because he’s talked about how great tariffs are like a thousand times! Is this just gaslighting?  What is going on?