Tough Decisions


I don’t personally know Trump’s plan for re-election, but I suspect, based on all his campaigning that he plans to run again, like literally every first term president before him.  But who knows?  Maybe it is as the Washington Post suggests and perhaps he is considering calling it the quits after his first term.  Or least he might have been if the Washington Post didn’t post said article literally titled “Its Becoming Clear that Trump Won’t Run in 2020”.  Even if there was a momentary flash in his weird brain where Trump might have considered the possibility of not running for a second term, it was immediately squashed when his least favorite newspaper owned by his least favorite billionaire ran an opinion piece that I can see totally putting Gas in Trump’s engine.  If he does run in 2020, I’m not going to say it’s the Washington Post’s fault, but I’m not going to NOT say it.

Paul Ryan’s Send Off

sinking ship1

So Paul Ryan is retiring.  Well, more specifically, he’s not seeking re-election, which is basically the same thing.  He talks a big game about wanting to settle down, raise his kids, and just move forward knowing he’s accomplished the things he’s want to accomplish, which was apparently to screw over just as many old and poor people as he possibly could.  But it’s hard to not to see it as a well time escape.  A jumping ship move, or to quote Douglas Adams, “So long and thanks for all the fish!”.  It’s hard to argue that the Republicans aren’t in something of a politically turbulent time right now, and how that’s going to shake out in the coming weeks and months must be on the forefront of Ryan’s mind.  I wonder if he’ll be getting out soon enough?