The New Look of Patriotism

Rather Russian1

So the new look in Conservative Patriotism is memorabilia with a slogan that says “I’d Rather Be A Russian than Democrat”.  You’ll see these t-shirts floating around Trump rallies and GOP conventions.  You see, it’s the next great message in making America great again.  It shows how far Conservatism has come.  You see, 2 years ago, the GOP considered Russia a hostile foreign power.  They bashed liberals over the head with even the whiff of a notion of being soft on Russia and Vladimir Putin.  But then suddenly, the winds changed, Putin was a wonderful leader, and Russia should be reached out to.  Russia stopped being the enemy, and people with opposing political values took their place.  “I’d Rather Be A Russian than Democrat” is the slogan of our country’s political divide, perfectly encapsulating this near civil war mentality between ideologies.  And yet for all of that, I can’t find where these pieces of memorabilia first originated.  Several vendors are putting them out, but for all the research that I’ve done, I don’t know who came up with it.  But I can imagine Donald Trump might be kind of tickled by this. It shows how effective his sales pitch has been.