Call For Unity

appeal to civility1

So, Wednesday was a pretty scary example of what can happen when partisanship overwhelms discourse.  So what we know is that philanthropist (and provably NOT Nazi sympathizer) George Soros had a bomb delivered to him on Monday.  The Secret Service intercepted and reported bombs also being sent to the Clintons and the Obamas on Wednesday.  On the same day, CNN offices were evacuated because they received a bomb package and an envelope with “white powder.”  Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and Andrew Cuomo may have also been targeted, but at this point not confirmed. Now, there is so much we don’t know.  We don’t know who the senders were, what their connection to one another is, assuming there is one.  What I feel we can assume at this point was that this was a concerted effort to silence, terrorize or harm people who are democrats or seen as democrat sympathizers (CNN is after all the media that Trump has branded “the Enemy of the people”).  And because this has been seen as an attack on the left, the presumption by many is that this was perpetrated by Republican or Trump supporters.  Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but it’s noteworthy that members of the GOP are being quick to call for civility and reasonable discourse in the wake of this event.  The is that they can distance themselves from this idea that they helped create an atmosphere where their supporters may have felt comfortable doing this kind of thing. The easy and obvious example of this is Ted Cruz, who last night, was rabble rousing his rally crowd by suggesting he’d lock up Hillary Clinton and Beto O’Rourke together.  Hours later, he is telling people that we all need to get along, and that he respects people across the isle even though he may disagree with them.  Which…I mean that’s crap.  And while Ted Cruz is one of the easier people to mock in this regard, he’s by no means the only Republican who are now walking back troubling rhetoric that demonizes the left so blatantly.  Partisanship has run amok in the worst way, and I’m afraid this might only be the start of something more malevolent.


Conspiracy theories1

Donald Trump seems very concerned about a spy that was in his campaign.  He is spending a great deal of time ranting and raving about it, and trying to push for an investigation into the claim.  But the problem is that so far, he’s unable to produce any evidence of the claim.  Sure we know that the FBI may have asked an informant to question some people in the campaign regarding the Russia matters, but if that’s what he means by a spy, then anyone who ever asked someone to ask another person a question is also a spy.  It’s apples and oranges.  I mean, I would perhaps give the benefit of the doubt that maybe there is more to this than meets the eye, if during the secretive meeting regarding this that several congressional leaders attended, one of them came out and said they thought the President was on to something, but even the people who are supposed to be on Trump’s side seem to think Trump is off his rocker on this.  Either he’s crazy, or he’s trying to further divide people by creating a fake conspiracy, but who would do that, right?

Info War Crimes

Info Wars1

So, the Obama Presidential portrait has been, weirdly, alarmingly controversial.  But it’s also become the subject of arguably the weirdest, most disgusting conspiracy theory.  It’s so weird and gross that Sean Hannity realized it was probably too much and deleted his posts about it.  But Alex Jones and Info Wars wasn’t deterred.  No, they are convinced that Obama was painted with sperm on his face, and it’s part of some grand, degenerate conspiracy.  Alex Jones can say this, and people still take him seriously.  The world is a surprising place.