Interpreting Entitlement

interpreting kavanaugh1

Last Friday, I watched some clips of the Brett Kavanaugh testimony, and I had trouble getting through just some of the clips.  Watching a rich, white judge spout off like an entitled 5 year old who is acting like he’s upset that he might not get the birthday present he demanded for his birthday was a little hard to handle.  I have trouble sympathizing with the plight of a man’s ruined reputation when he is blatantly lying about things that I can call him out on based on the evidence HE SUBMITTED!  He claims never to have been to a gathering where he allegedly tried to rape Christine Blasey Ford?  Really?  Because based on the calendar that he submitted, on July 1, 1982, he went to EXACTLY that type of gathering with EXACTLY the people she mentioned.  Reading the totality of his testimony over the weekend was ever more gag inducing.  As soon as it’s his neck on the chopping block, he’s more than ready to abandon his judicial principles to excuse himself.  He’s your classic 80’s bad guy hoping to get a pass because that’s what he’s grown to expect.  And at the same time, I’m afraid he’s going to get exactly what he expects.  Let’s hope the FBI investigation manages to bring to light exactly what kind of monster he is.

Nomination Situation

Choose With Care1

With the amazing fiasco that was the Ronny Jackson nomination, the question of who Trump is going to nominate next is floating in the air.  Will he take some time to make a more deliberate decision as opposed to offering it as thanks for a questionable medical evaluation, or will he just offer it to the last guy he talked to?  I know more than a few news outlets are concerned that he’s basically just offering jobs to anyone who wants them, and that’s pretty clearly not the most effective way to ensure the best people are getting put into the right cabinet positions.  But don’t let that worry you, because Trump still wants you to know he only suggests the best people!