Classy Through the Years


Michelle Wolf pretty savagely ripped on Trump, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Kellyanne Conway and basically the entire administration in her 19 minute treatise on terrible during the White House Correspondents dinner.   Now, comedians taking the piss out of the President is basically a tradition, and while it wasn’t as nuanced as Stephen Colbert giving Bush the business, it didn’t make her routine any less the norm of that tradition.  Also, it was hilarious, and I can’t seem to stop using the word “savage” in reference to it.  Trump of course immediately went on the defensive calling the whole institution out and specifically calling Wolf “filthy”…which is some grade A hypocrisy, isn’t it?  Here is the guy who has a 30+ year history of publically belittling women and people of all stripes in equally “filthy” ways, and it’s only when that self righteous pendulum swings back in his direction does he get in a tizzy. Because of course.  That’s Donald Trump.