On Thin Ice

Blame Game1

So, the raid on Michael Cohen’s place has really amped up Trump and his rhetoric about getting rid of Mueller and killing this Russia investigation.  He’s acting like a wannabe mob boss, except, unfortunately, he can actually really cause some bad things to happen.  But there is a funny thing buried in articles that no one seems to be mentioning, or at least not yet.  Trump is so busy fuming at Mueller, but it turns out Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, personally signed off on the raid.  This wasn’t Mueller making a unilateral decision against Trump.  He got the a-ok from the guy who would ACTUALLY be able to fire him.  I’m sure Trump is probably aware of this factoid, but the way he’s talking about it, you’d think Rod was working his ass off to keep Trump from hearing about it.

Trump’s Lawyer Takes the Heat

Truth about payments1

Trump’s Attorney, Michael Cohen is alleging that he paid Pornstar Stormy Daniels, $130,000, out of his own pocket, and that Donald Trump had nothing to do with it, and that he was not repaid or reimbursed in anyway for it.  And you know what? I can totally believe that.  Trump not paying people he employs sounds very much like a tact right out of the Donald Trump playbook.