Commanding Attention


I really love how Trump spent Monday desperately trying to be relevant.  It’s like he saw John McCain passing away as some act that was showing him up, and he just couldn’t decide how to deal.  First he basically ignored the whole thing, hoping McCain’s death would just stop being the subject of conversation. He tried to hasten that process by putting the flag up to full mast at the White House, only to get shamed into putting it back down to half mast.  Trying to steer into that skid he finally said something nice about McCain, even though by this point it seemed half hearted and bored.  Finally he decided to try and bring the news back to him by touting trade discussions between Trump and Mexican President Pena Nieto as some major victory in Trade Agreements.  The hilarious part was that it almost seemed like Nieto didn’t know he was going to be on speaker phone, addressing the press.  The whole slap dash press conference didn’t cement any new agreement,  just that the US and Mexico might have come to some consensus. Weirdly, I feel like Trump would have had a better day if someone else offered to testify against him.  At least then he could should wildly into Twitter about a witch hunt, instead of trying to pump everyone up over a non-existent Trade deal.  Certainly Pena Nieto had better things to do on Monday.

Good News

Good Day1

Friday really should have been a slam dunk day for Trump and co.  He got to welcome home 3 freed prisoners from North Korea, and for even the most disliked of Presidents, and event like that is a banner day.  You shake some hands, say welcome home, and the evening’s headline is at the very least positive, if not glowing.  But Trump’s people have to defy expectation.  They can’t have a normal day.  So instead, his staff has to leak that a random staffer at the White House was being glib about the health of John McCain.  Again, we are reminded that Trump hires the best people.