The New Extremists

extremist kids1

Here is the thing about the Conservative stance on gun control:  Their argument is only reasonable if they are arguing against what gun control advocates actually want.  People like Tucker Carlson are demonizing kids because they insist that those masterminding the gun control movement want guns banned for everyone.  That’s what poor old Tucker means when he says that advocate for, and I quote “punishing everyone.”  But let me assure you, Tucker Carlson and everyone telling you gun control advocates are trying to take away your security are employing an age old fallacy called the Strawman Fallacy.  You see, Gun Control by definition does not mean “Gun ban” or “Gun Confiscation”.  99.9% of people who advocate gun control, just want firearms to be harder to obtain for people who would misuse them.  For the average American, who practices responsible gun ownership, realistically, if gun control advocates got what they wanted, that person’s life would not be affected.  Reasonable legislation and restriction should not be a conversation that is so hard to have.  But it will continue to be difficult if Tucker Carlson and his Fox News Pundit friends and basically anyone the NRA donates to, continues to successfully sell a fake argument and labeling kids afraid for their lives as “extremists”.