Presidential Harassment

Presidential Harrassment1

It’s always weird when Donald Trump goes off on one of his childish rants.  It’s just unusual, no matter how many times it happens, to see a grown man, especially one in his 70s, whine like a spoiled 4-year-old.  And make no mistake, every time he suggests that he’s the most victimized victim to ever be victimed, that is EXACTLY what he sounds like.  Here stand Donald Trump, a man who has lived his life at the pinnacle of privilege, claiming that people are being too mean, too unfair to him.  He claims that people shouldn’t be allowed to engage in “presidential harassment.”  Really?  He didn’t seem to take issue with it for the better part of a decade when he harassed Barack Obama about his citizenship.  Harassing people he doesn’t like or agree with is how he has spent the better part of his presidency, and now he is calling foul now that the idea of people really looking into his shady practices is looking to be a reality.  But I think most of us can see this for the sham that it is: the gasps of a desperate imbecile.

Mexican Standoff

threatening war1

So, Donald Trump is once again threatening to go to war with the Democrats should they seek to investigate him come January, which is for 1: Super shady (I mean, how guilty does someone look when you threaten retaliation for just looking around and asking questions), and for 2: Weird.  I say weird because he’s threatening to declassify damaging information about the Dems, but if he has such damaging information, why wouldn’t he just go ahead and declassify it?  I mean, he takes every opportunity to call the Dems criminals and monsters who want to destroy the country, if he had actual evidence to support that allegation or just something to make them look as bad as he wants them to look, I’d think he’d jump at the opportunity to make it public.  There isn’t a person alive who could convince me that he’s just being discreet, or that Trump weighs broader implications of such an action, because of COURSE HE DOESN’T.  He keeps trying to find ways to accuse his political rivals of treason! Trump doesn’t want balance, he wants an uncontested narrative. So yeah, not convinced he has some bombshell documents that will dismantle the Democrats.  The fact that Democrats don’t seem even remotely unsettled, unlike Trump, who seems near constantly unsettled, also speaks to that hypothesis.