Silver Linings

on the bright side1

Hurricane Florence has certainly been a damaging force along the east coast.  And of course Donald Trump, being the President of the United States, had to show solidarity by making an appearance and making folks feel like the Government was going to take care of things. Who wants to guess how that went?  If your guess was that Trump was going to make confusing and insensitive statements at the expense of the people who lost everything, congratulations.  I owe you a cookie.  The most public example was a yacht that caused major damage to property, and Trump telling the owner “You got a boat out of the deal.” And to that I says 1) No he didn’t.  He doesn’t get to keep someone else’s boat because a hurricane put it there.  That’s not how property works, and I’m surprised a real estate developer didn’t know that.  Also 2) A Hurricane ruined the guys house!  Even if he got to keep the boat (which he didn’t, and the boat itself was also pretty totaled, so why would he want it?) HIS HOUSE WAS RUINED!  FEMA isn’t going to pay for that! They’re going to pass out water and paper towels.  So way to make a joke at the expense of a guy who is likely looking at paying tens of thousands of dollars to fix his house, Don.  You really got this whole “condolences” thing down.