Title Change

Title Change1

Over the last few days, it’s become clear that William Barr isn’t the Attorney General.  The Attorney General of the United States is the chief federal lawyer, head of the Justice Department, and tasked with ensuring that the federal government is diligently pursuing the course of justice.  He is not, as some might think, the lawyer tasked with defending the President.  There are other lawyers tasked with that job.  There is a whole office dedicated to giving the President legal council.  With that in mind, William Barr has gone out of his way to more or less disregard the evidence of an investigation that probed, amongst other things, whether or not Donald Trump obstructed justice to keep himself out of trouble.  Beyond that, it appears he, at best, misled Congress and the people of the United States in regards to what fruit the investigation bore.  At worst, he’s a big fat, pants of fire  liar, all for the sake of keeping the President out of trouble. With the news breaking that Robert Mueller, Special Council in said investigation, actively getting in touch with Barr to let him know that he mischaracterized the report he submitted, Barr has no valid argument to suggest he was just going by the book.  So no. He’s not the Attorney General.  He’s the President’s Lapdog.