Nailing Down the Budget

Budget Distractions1

So another government shutdown is looming around the corner.  With political factions more divided than they’ve ever been, I don’t think it’s surprising to anyone. But this crazy inability to find any level of common ground has become ridiculous and petty.  Throwing another wrench in the works is Donald Trump constantly distracting everyone, helping to keep people from making any kind of headway. Trump just can’t seem to let things not be about him for even a few days.

Trump’s Fear About the Fox Merger

Fox Merger1

One of my favorite news stories of the last few weeks was hearing that just prior to Fox/Disney merger, Trump called Rupert Murdoch to ask if Fox News was part of the deal.  I just love the idea that Trump would make a panicked phone call, afraid that the only news outlet that likes him would stop sucking up to him.

Victory of the Birther Movement

I’m just saying, maybe, MAYBE it’s not a great idea to mock someone with a joke that might go over their head.  No one wants for it to be taken the complete wrong way…

Trip to Hawaii1

When the President Doesn’t Do His Homework

So, at the beginning of October, Donald Trump was supposed to put in place the initial sanctions against Russia that he agreed upon in August.  That deadline has passed and….no one seems to be talking about it?  It’s buried beneath NFL protests and all around tom foolery.  I imagine this is how Congress confronted him two weeks ago…

sanction homework1