Football Season

good ol' distraction1

Football season is on the horizon, and that’s a good season for Donald Trump as it turns out.  It’s amazing how quickly he can quarterback a distraction. The season isn’t even in full swing yet, and he’s already expertly misdirecting the public attention of his very worrying behavior in Helsinki with Putin by talking about the national anthem at football games.  It’s an embarrassingly transparent maneuver, and yet his base and media outlets are going to eat it up, because that’s how this kind of thing works, and Trump knows it.  I know it sounds cynical, but it’s so obvious at this point.  Trump doesn’t care about the National Anthem, and I’ll bet he’ll never stand for it again as soon as it’s not politically relevant to do so, but as long as he can use it as a prop for his partisan sleight of hand, he’s gonna do it with relish, because it’s easy.