Important Business

important business1

I’m glad to know that after a day of Tweeting over 50 times, ranting about how unfair he’s being treated, Trump cleared the very next afternoon to have an important meeting about the important issue facing his presidency: the loss of Twitter subscribers.  No joke, he had a closed door meeting with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, where instead of focusing on Twitter’s efforts to tackle the very real, very prescient issue of Opioid abuse, he spent the bulk of his time complaining about his subscriber count.  I mean, I guess considering how he’s been acting since the release of the Mueller Report, I shouldn’t have expected too much, but you’d think considering how much work he hasn’t been getting done over the last several days, he’d take his one big meeting to talk about actual policy.  I mean, hell, he talked about prison reform with Kim Kardashian.  Yet somehow, Jack Dorsey has to deal with Trump petulantly whining about being targeted by Twitter, even though Twitter has announced publicly, several times, that the reason for fluctuating numbers is the removal of bots and fake accounts.  Did he really need to call in the CEO for something that has already been explained to him?