Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias1

I honestly would have been shocked had Brett Kavanaugh NOT been confirmed.  Seriously, it would have blown my mind.  The GOP was just too gung ho about getting this done. Having a conservative majority directing the course of legal discourse for the foreseeable future was just too important.  That said, there was hope of some Republican holdouts.  Unfortunately, that amounted to one of them (Lisa Murkowski from my state, Alaska) basically just no voting, which helped no one, and another, Susan Collins, giving a long diatribe that betrayed decades of principles on her part.  Susan Collins fancies herself something a champion for women, yet the day before the confirmation vote, she went on a rant that was tantamount to victim blaming.  She attacked Christine Blasey Ford’s recollection, and suggested that she was less reliable than Brett Kavanaugh, a man who lied right to her face.  And let’s not mince words: He lied.  Provably so.  He lied and handed the Senate proof of his lies while doing it.  And the fact that he did and the Republicans didn’t seem to care, showed me that no FBI investigation, no matter how impressive the scale allowed, would have stopped this confirmation from moving forward.  So, Justice Brett Kavanaugh is moving forward as the most disliked Supreme Court Justice at confirmation, and Susan Collins moves forward as a hypocrite that no one with any  sense will ever take seriously again.



Peter Strzok is a recently fired FBI agent who was accused of having a political opinion that didn’t favor the current administration.  That accusation is pretty obviously true, if not when the accusation surfaced, then definitely now, as that served as the reason for his job termination.  In the wake of that, his friends and family created a highly publicized GoFundMe page to help Strzok in terms of his mounting legal fees and lost income.  GoFundMe is a crowdsourced funding site.  Basically, you can donate to causes and projects that tickle your fancy.  Well apparently rather a lot of people were on board with Strzok, as in less than a day, he blasted past his $250,000 goal, and started closing in on double that amount.  When all is said and done, Strzok could walk away with a pretty hefty payday for the sole reason of people thinking he was unjustly terminated.  And that HAS to piss Donald Trump right the hell off.  Think about it.   Donald Trump has put no small amount of energy into tarnishing Peter Strzok’s name and reputation.  And he did it because this guy who he feels owed him personal loyalty, didn’t like him.  And if there is one thing that Donald Trump hates, it’s the idea that people don’t like him.  So the notion that not only are people taking Strzok’s side in this thing, but are actively making sure he’s financially taken care of HAS to stick in Trump’s craw.  But I also want to believe that Trump sees this and undoubtedly thinks he could do it better, and raise WAY more money.

Declaration of War

Declaration of War1

So I was born just late enough to be on the cusp of ironically enjoying the idea of making something “Facebook official”.  The term, if you’re not familiar, presumes that once something is cemented on Facebook, namely relationship statuses, that it is Officially official.  Because as we all know, life is the most real when it’s lived through our social media.  Now I point out all of this to say, I think Michael Cohen has OFFICIALLY washed his hands of Donald Trump.  Not because of interviews and announcements regarding his Investigation cooperation, but because he dropped his title of “Personal Attorney to Donald J. Trump” from his Facebook profile.  Making it Facebook official must have been quite the blow to the Social Media conscious POTUS.  Then again, I’m sure in few days we’ll be hearing that Michael Cohen didn’t’ know anything, that he barely knew Trump, and that he never worked on anything significant for Trump.


Conspiracy theories1

Donald Trump seems very concerned about a spy that was in his campaign.  He is spending a great deal of time ranting and raving about it, and trying to push for an investigation into the claim.  But the problem is that so far, he’s unable to produce any evidence of the claim.  Sure we know that the FBI may have asked an informant to question some people in the campaign regarding the Russia matters, but if that’s what he means by a spy, then anyone who ever asked someone to ask another person a question is also a spy.  It’s apples and oranges.  I mean, I would perhaps give the benefit of the doubt that maybe there is more to this than meets the eye, if during the secretive meeting regarding this that several congressional leaders attended, one of them came out and said they thought the President was on to something, but even the people who are supposed to be on Trump’s side seem to think Trump is off his rocker on this.  Either he’s crazy, or he’s trying to further divide people by creating a fake conspiracy, but who would do that, right?

A Very Busy and Important Schedule

busy schedule1

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Trump’s legal team is saying one of the key reasons why Trump may not be able to give an interview to Mueller is because Trump simply doesn’t have the free time to give!  After all, the day in the life of a POTUS is highly regimented and scheduled.  Down to the minute!  I mean, he has to keep his mornings wide open so he can watch Fox and Friends, and maybe call them and have a friendly chat.  The truth is that if even half the reports we’ve heard regarding the day to day within the White House, the President shouldn’t find himself too hard pressed to find a few minutes to give an interview without giving up on some meeting that will determine the fate of the world.

On Thin Ice

Blame Game1

So, the raid on Michael Cohen’s place has really amped up Trump and his rhetoric about getting rid of Mueller and killing this Russia investigation.  He’s acting like a wannabe mob boss, except, unfortunately, he can actually really cause some bad things to happen.  But there is a funny thing buried in articles that no one seems to be mentioning, or at least not yet.  Trump is so busy fuming at Mueller, but it turns out Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, personally signed off on the raid.  This wasn’t Mueller making a unilateral decision against Trump.  He got the a-ok from the guy who would ACTUALLY be able to fire him.  I’m sure Trump is probably aware of this factoid, but the way he’s talking about it, you’d think Rod was working his ass off to keep Trump from hearing about it.

Double Standards

Battle of the Memos1

So, the Dems released a memo of their own.  And despite having some redactions, it’s a pretty comprehensive rebuttal to the one Nunes released a few weeks back.  It has several more detailed pages regarding the FISA requests and the evidence regarding it, and just all the things that took place behind the scenes of the surveillance of Carter Page and the early investigation into Russia’s interference.  Trump of course is leading the charge of the pushback, saying that the whole thing nothing, fraudulent, and suggesting that Adam Schiff broke the law.  Basically all the same things the Dems said when Nune’s memo came out. It’s the political Circle of Life.

National Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection1

Trump is now using a national tragedy and utter failure in addressing policy, to trash the investigation into Russia.  He’s claiming that because the FBI was busy investigating Russia, they somehow missed out on preventing the school shooting in Florida.  Beyond being an utterly disgusting way to shift the conversation away from his own misdeeds, it thoroughly, willfully disregards a lot of things, namely that the ENTIRE of the FBI, including the FBI agents in Florida, were focused on the Russia investigation, as opposed to a relatively small team lead by Robert Mueller.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Self Reflection

sarah silences herself1

Just prior to the election, Sarah Huckabee Sanders famously said on Twitter, “When you’re attacking FBI agents because you’re under criminal investigation, you’re losing.”  Now her boss is attacking FBI agents because he’s under criminal investigation.  Man, her life must be a big goofy mess.