Health Expert

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I keep expecting to at some point stop being surprised by the stupid, obviously fake crazy lies that Donald Trump tells.  I also keep hoping that at some point, his supporters will hear this insanity and realize he’s braindamaged.  Then he says like “windmills cause cancer” and his base just jumps on board and I lose a little bit of hope for humanity.  I mean, he seriously suggested that the sounds of windmill cause cancer.  Can we just let that digest for a moment? No study or evidence of any kind to back it up.  Just a fun generic “they say” to preface it.  I mean, who is “they”?!  I don’t know what else to say.

Devin Nunes vs. His Cow

Nunes' Cow1

Devin Nunes, Republican Senator from California and all around lunatic blowhard has decided to sue Twitter and certain Twitter users because he thinks people are just too mean to him.  I mean, sure, it’s not problem for him to spearhead harassment campaigns to obstruct investigations and keep people from looking too hard at his fellow politicians, but as soon as someone who self identifies as Devin Nunes’s Cow starts pointing out his verbal garbage, that’s just a step too far!  The whole thing feels like a sham, and frankly, I think it’s all going to blow back in his face, but the man’s lack of grasp on hypocrisy is frankly alarming.  But given the administration he’s serving, I guess it’s not all that surprising.

Complex Planes

complex planes1

When is the nation going to collectively decide that Donald Trump just isn’t nearly as smart as he says he is.  Beyond calling his own administration’s climate findings “fake science” based on literally nothing, Donald Trump has now decided he’s an expert on airplanes and piloting.  He’s now suggesting that planes are becoming too complex for trained pilots to fly.  This notion is based on…what exactly?  No one is exactly sure, but make no mistake, that’s what he expects you to believe.  I mean, this is just lunacy.  Absolute lunacy.

Space Force!

Space Force1

Donald Trump might be a 10 year old in the body of a man in his mid 70s.  He’s now discussing creating a new branch of the military he’s dubbing the “Space Force”.  Because apparently if we can have an Air Force (which you would think space would also be apart of seeing as space is also technically in the air, but that’s just semantics) we can certainly also have a Space Force.  Considering how much money isn’t being spent on space exploration, and how much money is not even being suggested for allocation for such a purpose, it’s interesting to think that he believes he’s going to be the President who gets a man on Mars and establishes a military presence in space.  But apparently a little boy can dream.

Trump: Impromptu Performance

Impromptu performance1

So Trump casually walked into an interview John Kelly was having with some reporters and decided to have an impromptu press conference, which is just a delight for everyone, I’m sure.  You know that Trump just loves thinking that he is a conversational wizard, and can get the best out of any tete-a-tete with any reporters, even though he comes off sounding like a lunatic, and just makes more cleanup work for those around him. Welcome to the new normal.