Keeping Them on the Ropes

Under Control1

Donald Trump wants us all to know that he DEFINITELY has the upper hand in this whole trade mess. I mean, well respected economists say Trump’s trade policies harken back to policies undertaken in the 80s, namely with Japan, that grew the trade deficit by like 500% in 10 years, but Trump is totally confident, so we all should be too, right?  When he says that every country is every day calling him to deal on trade, we can take that at face value, right?  Though it has been pointed out that back in the 80s, when we were playing a similar game with Japan, and things got worse, that Japan largely played ball, unlike say China and Canada, who are definitely not, imposing large tariffs of their own.  LISTEN! Clearly everything is under control!  I mean, what reason can we possibly have to think that Donald Trump, master deal maker, doesn’t know what he’s doing?

The President Couldn’t Be Anymore Clear!

Clear intentions1

Sarah Huckabee Sanders claims that if the Senators don’t know what the President wants in terms of a deal, then it’s on them for not paying close enough attention.  By all indications, the President of the United States has the temperament of a two year old, but with less ability to reason.  We know that Schumer offered Trump basically everything he could have hoped for in a deal, and it still wasn’t enough, so honestly, the idea that people just couldn’t pick up what Trump was putting down seems at least a little far fetched.