Divine Warning

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Listen, I know it’s not uncommon for people to have Presidents of the United States sign their Bibles.  And I know that according to Trump, the Bible is like his favorite book (which, is kind of a weird statement. I mean, which version? Which translation?) Frankly, I’m feel like it’s a dubious claim on whether he’s read ANY part of ANY Bible, much less have it be his favorite book, but even if we’re taking it at face value…I mean doesn’t it just feel wrong to have HIS signature in the Bible?  Even diehard Evangelicals who support Trump politically defend their support of him by saying they don’t endorse him on a personal level, just his politics (which is a ludicrous claim, but hey, I’m not the one making it).  The man is an admitted sexual predator, a liar, a cheater (and I don’t mean adulterer, although he’s that too), an idolater, and…I mean there is a public record of the man breaking literally every one of the 10 Commandments.  I feel like having his signature gracing your Holy Bible doesn’t make the book more useful.  I dunno.  It’s weird.

God and Guns

SUN God and Guns1

If there is one thing I’m not going to try and do is convince people that I know all the factors that allow for these continued violent events, where students have to fear for their safety in schools.  School shootings and their prevalence in the United States are complicated.  I have my own theories and hypothesis about measures that should be taken, ones that are no doubt in line with many others, but there are a lot of factors involved.  One factor that I’m SURE isn’t involved, is the lack of recognition of God and Jesus in town squares.  I feel like I can make that statement pretty soundly.  And I feel comfortable saying that because when you look at other countries that don’t seem to have the problem of school shootings, the lack of religion plays NO factor.  It’s been pointed out recently by several people that Japan, specifically, has a Christian population of under 2%.  There have been ZERO school shootings in Japan.  In fact, incidents of mass violence (not Mass shooting, but mass VIOLENCE, as in explosives are any other kind of weapon) are practically non-existent.  It’s simply not a problem that people in Japan concern themselves with in their day to day lives.  So sorry, Ted Cruz.  When you confidently suggest that all we need is more Jesus to combat school shootings, I can confidently suggest you go suck an egg.