POTUS Paranoia


Rumors out of the West Wing, is that Trump has gone full paranoid in the wake of Bob Woodward’s new book and the New York Times Op-Ed piece.  Anonymous sources, the ones that Trump seems paranoid about, say that he’s growing more and more unhinged about it.  He has apparently disrupted meetings about it, and if someone looks at him in a way he finds out of place, he immediately suspects them of being the author of the Op-Ed.  Don Jr. says his dad isn’t sleeping, and Trump has mandated that staff are to call the anonymous author a coward in public to maybe shame them?  I guess?  And apparently the West Wing is bracing themselves for the climate to get even worse come the mid-terms.  So what comes next?  I don’t know for sure, but I’m placing bets on Trump going full “the Shining” on everyone.  Any takers?

A Stab in the Back

et tu koch brothers1

Political influencers and real life supervillains, the Koch Brothers, have taken a stand against Trump and his tariffs.  Which makes sense.  They have their grubby fingers in an alarming number of pies, and undoubtedly this is hitting their bottom line.  I can’t imagine they ever pictured Trump’s ego would trump his business sense, but here we are, and I suppose they aren’t happy, and they are spending the money to prove it.  Sponsoring farming lobbies and groups to take action, write open letters and in general making a big stink.  They even sponsored an ad that featured a down to earth farmer removing his “Make America Great Again” hat, while the ad encouraged good hardworking folk to make their voices heard and remove these harmful tariffs and encourage free trade!  I have to admit, I’m conflicted.  The Koch brothers are all kinds of shady, and wield an undo amount of power and influence, but I can’t say I would be upset if the result ended in Trump backing off his trade war.  The question becomes, which supervillain back down first?