Alex Jones Needs Help

Alex Jones on the ropes1

Alex Jones!  He is… the best worst person in the whole damn universe.  He’s just a bag of prejudice, anger and degeneracy.  And it brings me no end of joy to see him fall on his face.  Namely in recent days, when his “news” show (I can’t emphasize the sarcasm behind “news” hard enough) has been banned by all the major digital distribution networks that allow for mass access to his show.  iTunes, Facebook and YouTube all kicked him off their services for violating their content policies.  Now of course, Jones is claiming censorship (which is what zealots who don’t know what censorship actually means always claim when they get kicked out of a party) and begging for help. Namely, he’s begging Donald Trump for help.  He put up a video on his InfoWars website, pleading for Trump to take up his cause, making his “censorship” a concern for the midterms.  Though going to bat for a media company…well that might be a bit off brand for Trump.  But in a weird way, I think Trump probably admires the moxie on Jones.