Divine Warning

divine warning1.jpg

Listen, I know it’s not uncommon for people to have Presidents of the United States sign their Bibles.  And I know that according to Trump, the Bible is like his favorite book (which, is kind of a weird statement. I mean, which version? Which translation?) Frankly, I’m feel like it’s a dubious claim on whether he’s read ANY part of ANY Bible, much less have it be his favorite book, but even if we’re taking it at face value…I mean doesn’t it just feel wrong to have HIS signature in the Bible?  Even diehard Evangelicals who support Trump politically defend their support of him by saying they don’t endorse him on a personal level, just his politics (which is a ludicrous claim, but hey, I’m not the one making it).  The man is an admitted sexual predator, a liar, a cheater (and I don’t mean adulterer, although he’s that too), an idolater, and…I mean there is a public record of the man breaking literally every one of the 10 Commandments.  I feel like having his signature gracing your Holy Bible doesn’t make the book more useful.  I dunno.  It’s weird.

Roy Moore Needs Your Money

Roy Moore Wants Money1

So, Roy Moore asking we, the people, to foot his legal fees, because as it turns out, the people coming after him for sexual assault have a pretty freaking good case against him.  So he’s out on the warpath blaming gays, trans, sodomists, abortionists and liberals for his current legal predicament.  He’s out to raise a whopping $250,000 so he can mount his defense.  Sadly, I think it’s entirely possible he’ll bilk people out of that money, but I sure hope a lot of them only contribute their thoughts and prayers…

Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud1

I find it funny how quick the Roy Moore crowd is to jump to “voter fraud”.  Alabama has historically had some of the strictest voting laws in the whole country.  Keeping people who aren’t rich, white and/or Christian from the voting booth is practically a sport there.