Explanation for the Story Break

So, if you’re one of the people following along, you’ll obviously realize that this is not the climax of the arc I’ve been working on the past week. Don’t worry, that strip is coming, but I decided to make an early jump onto the next arc, and I thought the few of you who read this everyday, you deserved an explanation.
Unlike normal comic books, where you script out the whole thing, strips tend to be more in the moment. At my best, I have strips planned a few days ahead of time, and sometimes, I’m coming up with a premise on the day. And while I’ve had a general idea for where I had wanted Comic Con arc to end, I found myself deciding that I wasn’t satisfied in the direction the last couple strips in the arc were going. This story has gone on a week so far, and with it nearing an end, I want it to be at it’s strongest when we hit the conclusion. So I decided to scrap a few hours of work and start with a new arc, so I’d have the weekend to rework the ending.
Anyway, I have some pretty solid ideas for the next couple weeks. Also, some time this weekend, you can expect me to drop a onesheet poster, colored and clarifying important things, like character names. Thanks everyone!

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